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10 Ways Organizations Fail to Engage Their Digital Audiences

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We've all experienced it when a brand doesn't come off as well as it should. For example, maybe an organization uses its blog for press releases, or its newsletter looks horrendous on a mobile phone, or it has six social media accounts that are used intermittently and all repeat the exact same content. Or maybe they aren't trying any of these channels, even if they should.

Here's a quick checklist that can protect your brand and how it's perceived. It's far from everything out there in the multimedia universe, but these are all common issues that can be fixed!

Digital Engagement Shortfalls

1) Lack of a solid strategy (goals, audience, roadmap, KPIs)

2) Lack of a meaningful blog or thought leadership content

3) Poorly written or too much copy on web pages

4) Confusing web design or architecture

5) Limited or nonexistent social media presence

6) Lack of email marketing, bad email marketing

7) Videos that fail to engage or properly explain

8) Unappealing, low-quality content; non-SEO optimized

9) Promotions and ads in strange places

10) Lack of holistic planning and content repurposing across communication channels

It's not unusual if any of these describe your organization.

When thinking about your digital footprint and how you want to portray your brand, take a step back to look at what you've been doing. Examine, what has worked and identify your target audience(s). From this plan, better content offerings and an enhanced reputation will follow.

Learn how to elevate your brand with our five-step program.


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