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AI Animation Comparison

Happy World Penguin Day, 2024!

The following is a simple comparison between the Pika and Genmo AI video creation tools. We started with an original image that will be published in a future children's book, then used the same prompt for both tools: "Animate the attached image. The two small penguins should huddle close to their mother. The mother penguin should edge closer to her chicks and look down at them. Flowers should sway."

Original (Still) Illustration

A baby penguin is called a chick! This illustration will be part of Babies With Wings, a future title in the Baby Animals Series.

Animation by Pika

The penguins animate, especially the chicks. Pika could not get the flowers to sway. 

Animation by Genmo

While Genmo did a better job of making the flowers sway, two of the original three penguins didn't have any motion. The additional layer of penguins and colors overlapping the original was interesting, but didn't follow the directions enough, and overall returned too much of an ethereal, ghostly result.

The penguins will be included in a future book in the Baby Animals Series, which began with the bestelling Baby Animal Names. The series is written in both English and Spanish and teaches young children about the variety of animals and their names.

"I love that it’s in English and Spanish. Teaching kids to be bilingual at an early age increases IQ." AMAZON REVIEWER

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